Street Creatures – January 19, 2018

More January, more mammals. And another fuzzy who isn’t all that wuzzy… although this grumpy fellow with his vivid, unnaturally-hued tresses does seem to have found his niche in the fashionably eclectic London neighborhood of Shoreditch (photo by duncan c, cc by-nc 2.0)

Street Creatures – January 12, 2018

Continuing January’s mammalian theme… Consider the hippopotamus. While all mammals do have hair, they aren’t all furry. And speaking of deceptive exteriors, you probably wouldn’t guess based on looks alone that these sleek and nobel hipster beasts hanging out in San Francisco, California, are closely related to the dolphins (as well as whales and other cetaceans). Just goes to show, it’s better to judge a book by its DNA than by its cover (photo by torbakhopper, cc by-nd 2.0).

Street Creatures – January 5, 2018

In most of the northern hemisphere, January is a time when amphibians and reptiles take cover from the cold, and many migratory birds are spending their time at their winter homes in warmer latitudes. But the majority of our native mammals stay put and weather the cold along with their human neighbors. So, in honor of our fellow mammalians, this month’s Street Creature feature will focus on the fuzzy… starting with this decidedly uncuddly tiger in the London borough of Camden (photo by duncan c, cc by-nc 2.0).

Street Creatures – December 1, 2017

In honor of northern hemisphere winter and the end-of-year holidays… December’s theme is the Arctic. And endangered place populated by endangered species. Could any gift make up for the loss of our polar biodiversity? Personally, I’d rather live on a planet with real polar bears… although I’m glad there are some 2D ones in Poblenou, Barcelona, Spain, too.  [photo: Joan, cc by-nc 2.0]