Kieran J. Lindsey, PhD, is an urban wildlife biologist, blogger, and personal assistant to her wire-fox terrier, Dash. She is also Fellow and Associate Director for Online Programs at Virginia Tech’s Center for Leadership in Global Sustainability, co-author of Urban Wildlife Management (1st & 2nd editions), editor of the Journal of Wildlife Rehabilitation, periodic columnist for PCT Magazine, and wildlife-guru/blogger for NPR’s Car Talk.

Kieran’s sordid wildlife career experience also includes serving as director of a non-profit wildlife rehabilitation and education center (1997-1999, Houston, TX); member of the Board of Directors for the International Wildlife Rehabilitation Council; columnist for the Houston Chronicle newspaper (The Urban Jungle, 1998-2001); producer, writer, and host of Wild Things Radio!on KUNM-FM (1999-2001 in Albuquerque, NM); and she’s an Emmy® award-winning producer.

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Thanks to these photographers used in the NDN homepage banner for making their work available through a Creative Commons license: Larry Miller (lesser goldfinch); laurimyllyvirta (European hedgehog); Marko Kudjerski (baboon); Albert Freeman (frog); Bolt of Blue (hide-and-seek raccoon); nickzeff (graffiti geese); Chad Horwedel (blue jay); KM&G-Morris (green anole); Janny McKinnon (house sparrow); SunWALKer (red fox); mgstanton (alligator snapping-turtle); Martha de Jong-Lantink (row of house sparrows); Gordilly (red-bellied woodpecker); Tony Fischer (squirrel on tire); jacki-dee (rosey frog); and USFWSmidwest (Eastern gray treefrog).