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Kieran is the founder, author, and alpha-female of Next-Door Nature, as well as personal assistant to her wire-fox terrier and Zen master, Dashiell Riprock (aka Inu Roshi). She is also co-author of Urban Wildlife Management (the first textbook on the subject), editor of the Journal of Wildlife Rehabilitation, Fellow and Associate Director for Online Programs at Virginia Tech’s Center for Leadership in Global Sustainability, periodic columnist for PCT Magazine, as well as blogger and  animal-vehicle biologist for NPR’s Car Talk.

Kieran’s sordid wildlife career experience also includes serving as director of a non-profit wildlife rehabilitation and education center (1997-1999, Houston, TX); member of the Board of Directors for the International Wildlife Rehabilitation Council; columnist for the Houston Chronicle newspaper (The Urban Jungle, 1998-2001); producer, writer, and host of Wild Things Radio!on KUNM-FM (1999-2001 in Albuquerque, NM); and she’s an Emmy® award-winning producer.

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Thanks to these photographers used in the NDN homepage banner for making their work available through a Creative Commons license: Larry Miller (lesser goldfinch); laurimyllyvirta (European hedgehog); Anna Crull (barn swallows); Marko Kudjerski (baboon); Albert Freeman (frog); Chicago Man (squirrel at drinking fountain); Bolt of Blue (hide-and-seek raccoon); nickzeff (graffiti geese); Simon Bisson (red fox); Alex Berger (garden deer); Jessica Lucia (dragonfly); Andy Langager (raccoons on fence); Chad Horwedel (blue jay); Frederic Guillory (green anole).