Sidewalk Zendo Has Moved


Sidewalk Zendo has moved to

Looking for a Sidewalk Zendo post?  I’ve moved them all to a new address (see above).

You see, initially, I thought of my Sidewalk Zendo posts as just a subset of Next-Door Nature’s theme, sharing interesting information about wildlife living in the environments people build and populate and why we should be glad they do.

But Sidewalk Zendo is actually an account of my attempt to turn daily walks with my wire-fox terrier, Dash, into a Zen practice. By sharing the experience with other mindfulness-seekers I’m trying to give myself enough incentive and accountability to stick with this intention.

I’ve copied the six SZ posts originally published on Next-Door Nature over to the new site, and new posts have been published… over there. Naturally, I hope Next-Door Nature readers and subscribers will want to read and subscribe to Sidewalk Zendo as well, but I want that to be a choice, not something I’m forcing on anyone.

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