Volvo tests virtual Bambi buggy bumpers

Bridgestone Tires was the first to go public with their concern for woodland creatures, during Super Bowl XLII.

Not to be outdone, now Volvo has announced it’s testing a new animal avoidance system and the folks at NPR’s Car Talk asked me, their official Animal-Vehicle Biologist, to share some thoughts on this development for today’s Staff Blog.

Soon I’ll be conducting a hard-hitting, 60 Minutes style investigative interview with company executives (or maybe a friendly chat with their PR lackey) to uncover answers to the questions burning rubber in my mind. Then I’ll write an in-depth guest blog for the Car Talk website.

First I need to learn to speak Swedish. But when I do—Watch Out!!

3 Replies to “Volvo tests virtual Bambi buggy bumpers”

  1. Kieran, has the in-depth piece posted yet? I’d love to read it. btw, I like the Car Talk graphic of the Unknown Deer (remember Murray Langston, the Unknown Comic)?

    1. Hi Ingrid. Actually, I have the info from Volvo but have not yet had a chance to write up the guest post for Car Talk. I’m hoping to do that this weekend, and I’ll make an announcement on the NDN blog when it goes live at CT. Thanks for asking!

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