Location, location, location

hermit crab
Hermit crab (Photo: Kristian Golding, Creative Commons license)


Hermit crabs have moving down to an art. No furniture, no boxes to pack or unpack… just wedge yourself securely into your shell and off you go!

It’s a bit more complicated for a Homo sapiens. I should know. I changed my address last weekend—my 18th move since leaving home—and left again 4 days later on a long-anticipated trip to visit friends and give a presentation on urban ecology to the Oklahoma City Master Naturalist chapter.  Now I’m sitting in the Will Rogers World Airport waiting for a flight back to my new place and my new life. I should be able to dig myself out from all the corrugated cardboard in time to have a new post ready to publish on Saturday, September 10. Thanks for your patience!


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One Reply to “Location, location, location”

  1. Hermit crabs have it easy as far as moving house is concerned!
    I hate moving – we moved four months ago to a new place, but it doesn’t take long to get settled in; I feel like I’ve been here forever! All the best for your new home, look forward to your new post.

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