Your NDN: Walk/Don’t Walk

female box turtle crossing a roadThere’s nothing unusual about seeing a box turtle cross—or attempt to cross—a road. But you don’t usually see the kind of savvy suburban pedestrian observed last week by Amy in Tampa, Florida. “Unlike most of the folks around here, it used the crosswalk!”

Amy lives in a large, planned community and the neighborhoods are separated by natural areas covered with walking trails and ponds. She and her family regularly see armadillos, rabbits, frogs, toads, lizards, turkey vultures, egrets, great blue herons, and plenty of insects. Amy, who’s new to the area, has been surprised to see so much wildlife in such a developed area, but her neighbors take it all in stride.

Including the ones who carry their homes on their backs, apparently.

“The turtle was moving from one natural area to another, and a truck was kind enough to wait for her to pass,” Amy explained. “Pretty smart! If she had crossed outside of the roundabout, I believe the truck would have been traveling too fast to slow down.  Our speed limit is 25 mph, but it is a busy street and almost no one (including me, I must admit) goes the speed limit.  It was just amazing to see!”

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