Your NDN: I double-dare you!

squirrel on a screenCindi in St. Louis, Missouri shared these photos of her backyard wildlife having some Thanksgiving fun. Urban animals are famous for their ability to adapt to the presence of humans and their pets, and I know familiarity breeds contempt, but these squirrels given new meaning to the word daredevil. They’d better hope Roxie doesn’t learn how to open that door.


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3 Replies to “Your NDN: I double-dare you!”

  1. Hi Kieran,

    Arrived here via your FB ad. Love the “car talk” reference. I’m passionate about urban/suburban wildlife, too, and have the photos to prove it ! LOL. You can check out my blog, or find me on facebook.

    I live in MA and have quite a collection of “nearly tame” eastern gray squirrels that put a smile on my face as they eat me out of house and home. . .

    I look forward to trading bird and wildlife anecdotes and tips for the backyard wildlife fans.

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